UC Davis Canvas uptake: 97 instructors, 2,750 students, during Summer Session 2

Use of UC Davis Canvas continues to expand. During Summer Session 2, ninety-seven instructors are using the initial, limited version of the new learning management system (LMS) to teach 90 courses enrolling 2,750 students.
That’s up about 50 percent from Summer Session 1, when UC Davis Canvas debuted as the eventual replacement for SmartSite. The campus is transitioning to UC Davis Canvas during 2016-17, and SmartSite will remain available for teaching through spring quarter 2017.
The initial version of UC Davis Canvas available this summer is best suited for instructors who are comfortable with technology, have learned about Canvas, and/or don’t require the use of third-party tools that will be available later in 2016-17.
Faculty or TAs ready to learn more about UC Davis Canvas might wish to attend one of the Getting Started workshops or one-to-one consultations with a campus instructional technologist. Read more at movetocanvas.ucdavis.edu.