Old Resource



If you’re looking for links formerly available at this location, here’s what happened to them:

  • The “How-to” and “Services and Projects” entries (left side) have been deleted. The information was outdated and/or can be found by searching the IT Knowledge Base or IT Service Catalog.
  • The “Cyber-Safety Basics” column of links (center) has been deleted. Find information about good security practices in the Knowledge Base; this search field will take you to a selection of articles.
  • The “UC Davis Cyber-Safety” links (upper right) pointed to outdated information, and were removed.
  • The “Sysadmin Resources” links (right side). The tools and resources that are still current are available at on the Technology Support page at iet.ucdavis.edu/tsp. Go to that page, then scroll down until you see “Tools.”   

If you have questions or comments, please send them to cybersecurity@ucdavis.edu