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Another 17 classrooms get major tech upgrades. Up next: Wellman

October 29, 2018

The campus upgraded another 17 general-assignment classrooms this summer, adding stronger wi-fi, improved audio, integrated video, ADA-compliant systems, and other fresh technology.

The results are impressive additions to UC Davis classroom tech, although a lot of effort goes into making the work itself look like just another day at the university.

The campus has 130 general-assignment classrooms, and each summer it upgrades more than 10 percent of them – sometimes only the technology, sometimes the entire room.

Cyber security update for the new academic year

October 04, 2018

The Information Security Office distributed this letter via various campus listservs this week.


As the 2018-19 academic year gets under way, we want to share a few thoughts about cyber security relating to current risks, steps you can take to protect yourself, the new UC information security policy, and a few extra events scheduled for National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  

Starting Sept. 6, current Duo users will see it applied to more campus services

August 22, 2018

If you’re already using Duo at UC Davis, get ready to use it more frequently.

Starting Sept. 6, anyone who now uses Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) for at least one campus service will begin using it for additional campus services—ones protected by the standard CAS (Central Authentication Service) login, such as myucdavis, the Time Reporting System, and DavisMail.

Major Banner update will improve the system, and change its forms

August 13, 2018
The Banner student information system will receive a major upgrade when it moves from version 8 to version 9 beginning this fall. If you work directly with Banner, the most visible change will be to the forms you use to enter and retrieve information.

UCCSC is sold out, but you’re still invited to hear the keynote speakers

August 01, 2018

This month’s University of California Computing Services Conference at UC Davis sold out weeks ago, but everyone is still welcome to come hear the keynote speeches presented by two highly accomplished California technologists.

Their talks in the Mondavi Center are free and public. The speakers are:

UC Davis will improve campus cybersecurity by pursuing broader use of Duo

July 24, 2018

Starting this summer, you’ll see greater use of Duo multi-factor authentication at UC Davis. And as use grows, the damage caused by phishing will shrink.

Duo is a security app. It works by asking you for two “factors” when you sign in to an account protected by Duo: your usual password, plus a temporary code created by Duo, typically sent via the Duo app to your smartphone. (There are alternatives if you can’t use a smartphone—more below.)

SmartSite enters storage, as planned

July 02, 2018

If you’re looking for SmartSite, it’s no longer there.

As planned, the former UC Davis learning management system went offline when June ended and has entered digital storage. Traffic to has been redirected to a Knowledge Base article that explains the change.

If you’re a faculty or staff member who still needs materials from your old sites, you have options.

UC Davis teaching and tech conference meets Sept. 14, invites faculty ‘microtalks’

June 07, 2018

Plans are taking shape for the 2018 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT), where UC Davis faculty will “meet with colleagues from across the disciplines, talk about teaching discoveries and strategies, and learn about new technologies that help our students accomplish their learning objectives.”

Information and Educational Technology presents the program each summer at no charge to participants (this photo shows one of the 2017 presentations). This year's sessions will meet Sept. 14 in 1309 The Grove (Surge III).

Campus adds Duo to post-phishing recovery tactics

May 25, 2018

Ideally, no one’s UC Davis account would ever be harmed by a phishing scam.

But because phishing is pervasive, UC Davis is now offering Duo as a resource to help faculty and staff protect their campus Office 365 accounts as part of the recovery if their accounts do get compromised.