More than 1,100 courses are using UC Davis Canvas as fall begins

September 23, 2016

The transition from SmartSite to UC Davis Canvas is well underway. As of today, Sept. 23, approximately 1,000 instructors were using the new campus learning management system to teach more than 1,100 published classes enrolling 29,600 students.

“That’s more than the number of courses that are still using SmartSite,” said Todd Van Zandt, learning management system program manager. “It’s an excellent start. We appreciate the hard and thoughtful work that many people have done to get us here. We especially appreciate the work of the faculty as they have begun to adopt Canvas.”

UC Davis Canvas uptake: 97 instructors, 2,750 students, during Summer Session 2

August 10, 2016

Use of UC Davis Canvas continues to expand. During Summer Session 2, ninety-seven instructors are using the initial, limited version of the new learning management system (LMS) to teach 90 courses enrolling 2,750 students.
That’s up about 50 percent from Summer Session 1, when UC Davis Canvas debuted as the eventual replacement for SmartSite. The campus is transitioning to UC Davis Canvas during 2016-17, and SmartSite will remain available for teaching through spring quarter 2017.

Latest incident reinforces need to secure campus printers

August 03, 2016

UC Davis Police report that a hate message appeared in several campus printers Monday night. The incident re-emphasizes the importance of securing printers against unwanted traffic from the Internet.

In March, an outside source sent hateful messages to UC Davis and other universities via unsecured printers. The campus is investigating the source of the current message.

IET refreshes its ‘campus tech for non-technologists’ news site

August 02, 2016

​TechNews, where Information and Educational Technology posts news about campus tech for non-technologists, is the latest IET website to get updated. On Aug. 2 IET modernized its design and restored a subscription-only, Monday-morning email of TechNews headlines.

The change was one of several IET website updates released Aug. 2. The TechNews change is the most visible.

Move to Canvas summer update: Logins, workshops, course prep, and more

July 29, 2016

The move to UC Davis Canvas has begun. Sixty-one instructors have taught with it during Summer Session 1, and the numbers will only grow from here.

The campus is moving to the UC Davis Canvas learning management system (LMS) during 2016-17. Canvas is replacing SmartSite, which will remain available for teaching through spring quarter 2017.

Microsoft outage disrupts some campus email accounts

July 29, 2016

UC Davis email services were disrupted this morning by a faulty networking device in a Microsoft data center. The disruption has prevented some people from accessing their uConnect Office365 accounts, which include UC Davis email, calendar services, and Office web applications.

Welcome to EdTech Commons, a new UC Davis-focused resource on teaching with tech

July 29, 2016

UC Davis faculty and graduate instructors now have a new resource to support them as they teach with technology, whatever their level of experience. It's called EdTech Commons.

The online hub debuted in mid-May. Academic Technology Services (ATS) and the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) worked with faculty to create a resource that's clear, direct, easy to navigate, and focuses on meeting the requirements of UC Davis instructors.

UC Davis offers security training for app developers July 25-29

July 29, 2016

App developers from throughout UC Davis are invited to attend two days of training at the end of July on secure application development.

The Information Security Office (ISO) is organizing a mix of lectures and labs that will focus on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 security risks. The training has room for 120 people, and the ISO will cover their registration fees.

Ready to teach with UC Davis Canvas? Get started at June 16 workshops

June 14, 2016

Instructors who want to learn about teaching with UC Davis Canvas, the new learning management system (LMS) at UC Davis, have an excellent opportunity to do so this Thursday, June 16.

From 9 a.m. to noon that day in room 2102 of the Student Community Center, instructional technologists from Information and Educational Technology (IET) will lead workshops that will provide an overview of Canvas, explain its features, answer questions, and help instructors set up their courses.